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    (Oregano Vulgaris)


    Oregano is native to northern Europe, although it grows throughout many regions of the world. It has been recognized for its aromatic properties since ancient times, with the Greeks and Romans holding oregano as a symbol of joy and happiness. In fact, it was a tradition for Greek and Roman brides and grooms to be crowned with a laurel of oregano.

    Oregano is an herb with antimicrobial and ant parasitic properties that eliminate microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, yeast and parasites.

    Oregano also contains following properties:

    • insecticidal (kills and repels insects)
    • antitumor (effective against cancer)
    • antimutagenic and antigenotoxic
    • analgesic (naturally relieves pain)
    • antispasmodic (relieves spasms)
    • anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation and discomfort associated with infection)
    • angiogenic (aid to the formation of new blood vessels)
    • antiplatelet (aids blood situation)
    • AChE inhibitory (can help individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease and Glaucoma)
    • antielastase (counteracts poison)
    • antihepatotoxic (detoxes the liver)
    • hepatoprotective (protects the liver)
    • improves gastrointestinal symptoms.


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